Zulutrade Impressions

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If Forex trading is your thing, then you should have no problem making a profit with Zulutrade. Zulutrade is a platform designed to accommodate online trading, everyone can use it. Zulutrade is fertile ground for investors that are trying to get into the trading business.
You can try out a demo account with all its features working, to test out the waters. With just a minor 300$ startup fee, you may get on the road to prosperity.
Zulutrade’s account creation process is not hard. Also they have installed a list that contains the followers performance ratings. So if you intend to be a copy trader, you just see a signal provider whose setting you want and just copy his settings.
It’s not that good that if you are a newbie just starting out, it will require some time until you climb the ranks and your profile is trustworthy enough to start paying off the investment.
Zulutrade is a very open auto trading and social trading network that is available to all who are willing to sign up. AAAfx (Agent based in Greece) is Zulutrade integrated broker, this broker permits you to run your account in EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, AUD and CHF.
And it gets better, they are working with over 50 excellent brokers from countries such as : The United kingdom, Rusia , the United states and many more countries from Europe and even Australia. All of these specialists are capable to facilitate your account in whatever currency you wish, plus currencies from other far away places also.
However, the brokers charge a small commission on every Zulu Trade signal trade, but AAAfx broker doesn’t. Of course the broker’s performance is influenced by the actual spread and the commission that’s taken.
So Slippage, what’s that?
When we are talking about auto trading mediums, Slippage is a crucial component. Slippage is a key driver that determines the swiftness the system undertakes to execute trades from traders or trade signals you’ll be following in your own trading account.
You may evaluate your account’s performance whenever you like due to Zulutrade’s policies, that make this activity very accessible . E-mails and summaries of your account are sent every single day and each single week by Zulutrade, this can help you keep tabs on trade results.
An email notification will be received by the user if one of the trader’s his following has changed his/her behaviour. The email will inform when it comes to trader activity, and if they’re keeping a steady pace, or starting more trades than normal.
If the signal provider you’re tracking has activity you don’t approve off, Zuluguard gives you the freedom to just lets replace, close or disable their signals at the click of the mouse.
Zulu Trade Online interface allows for you to cancel any trades that the provider of signal has opened manually, or even to initiate or interrupt trades by yourself. The way this system works is very simple.
Auto trading on mobile platforms.
If you have an iOS, Android, windows eight based smartphone or tablet, it is simple to download the Zulu Trading app that allows you to view your trading in real time and while you’re on the go. No matter if you own a table or an iOS or windows 8 smart phone, you will get your hands on the Zulu app and you can monitor anything going on with your account, regardless if you’re at home or on the road. The application is very well made, so you can depend on it if you wish to track your position, no matter if you are moving or standing still.
Compatibility of this app when it comes to social networking sites is not a problem, it works very well if you wish to post any of your results online.
Online Assistance
Zulu Trade is able of offering multi lingual support in both email and telephone formats. So you have two choices: You either wait a day to get the email response, or call and have your called be picked up instantly, you choose.
The main goal of Zulutrade’s guidelines for users, is to act a a very rudimentary tutorial in regards to the Forex Trading system. On the bright side, they actually have users that are willing to help you out on their forums.
Zulutrade drawback
It depressing that there are great traders out there, but there are way more horrible ones. If you are a signal provider, you are not obligated to use your own money when trading. Non Forex traders will have a very difficult time managing their money. Also the ones just starting out need constant supervision until they get used to choosing the adequate signal providers.

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