The Way Zulutrade Does Business

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If Forex trading is your thing, then you should have no difficulty making a profit with Zulutrade. Zulutrade is a platform designed to accommodate online trading, and everyone can use it. If you are just an investor and you want to expand and also become a trader, Zulutrade is the place to start.
To learn the environment without subjecting yourself to risk, they’ve a choice where you get a demo account so you can test the waters. With just a little investment of $300, now you can get started with trading.
Making your Zulutrade account is a piece of cake. They have a feature where they display lists that contain performance ratings of the users. So if copy trading is your career choice, just track a user you like and mimic his settings to get the desired results.
If auto trading is completely a new concept to you, sadly you’ll not get off the ground that easy, first you need to establish a profile that has some Zulutrade signal power, and is trustworthy enough to pay off all the risks and planning you put into it.
Zulutrade welcomes with open arms, anyone that desires to start working with them, they’re very welcoming when it comes to social and auto trading. The brokers Zulutrades associates with is simply astounding, so there is no lack of choice. AAAfx is a Greek broker that is affiliated with Zulutrade and can facilitate running your account in USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP and even CHF.
In total , a whopping 50 brokers can be placed in The USK, the UK, Australia, Rusia and not to mention in some countries from Europe. As far as your individual account is concerned, you are capable to use what currency you wish thanks to the huge number of brokers available.
It should be noted that brokers charge you for any Zulutrade signal transaction. But AAAfx refuses to do so. The efficiency of the broker varies depending on the spreads and the amount charged
What exactly does Zulutrade Slippage imply?
Slippage is an important factor that is incorporated in auto trading platforms. Slippage is a key driver that determines the swiftness the system undertakes to complete trades from traders or trade signals you’ll be following in your own trading account.
Checking out the last info in regards to your account has been made very easy by Zulutrade. You will continuously receive email updates from Zulutrade, to get the latest info in regards to your account.
If the trader that you’re following changes something, you will be immediately notified about any change. The email will notify you if the tracked trader will stick to normal stop rates or intensify his trading activity.
ZuluGuard is a feature designed to help users immediately close, disable or replace a signal provider if you become suspicious of certain patterns that you detest.
Any transactions that were initiated by the dreaded signal provider may be closed and opened at will, and doing so has become a quite user friendly and easy to understand process that anyone can use.
Using your mobile for auto trading.
If you wish to keep track of your trading while on the move, and you own a smartphone or table that runs on iOS or Android, be sure to download the Zulu Trading app. This application is well designed and it continues to remain optimal even if the user is constantly on the move.
Or if you ever want to post online all of your trading results, the application can be compatible with sites that are social networks such as Facebook and twitter.
Online help
By choosing Zulu Trade, you will get support in a multitude of language through email and phone. The telephone platform goes through instantly and emails are responded to under 24hrs.
The user instructions that Zulutrade provides are not that complicated, and their main objective is to elaborate on the trade functions. Their forum section is very lively, and your questions may be answered by other users like you.
Zulutrade disadvantage
It’s very bad that despite the fact that there are very respectable traders, you’ll also have many unreliable and inconsistent ones. It’s not obligatory that the signal providers use their own funds when making a transaction. For non Forex traders, this truly will complicate the whole process of managing money, and for users just starting out should be monitored because at first they are quite in inexperienced and vulnerable.

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